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To help minimise any further water damage…

Cold water mains leak:

  • Turn off the mains at the Stopcock, normally located under or near the kitchen sink, remember to turn OFF the power to a combination boiler too
  • If the internal stopcock cannot be located or has seized then anyone with a water meter should be able to turn the mains off from outside by hand. Otherwise you will need a ‘Stopcock¬† Key’ to turn the mains off
  • Open cold taps

Hot water leak:

  • Turn off the mains as above…
  • If you have turned off the mains and DO NOT have a combination boiler (instant hot water) but have a Hot water tank in a cupboard then opening hot taps helps.
  • If you have a Combination boiler, then turn it off either by the boiler or the mains feed near by.

These simple steps should help keep any damage to a minimum until things can be repaired

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